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Hello blog it’s me again!
I’m finally taking a few minutes here to type out my thoughts on the last
eight months. It’s been a time of new beginnings, new opportunities, soul searching, adventures out of my comfort zone along with some farewells and goodbyes!

Eight months ago I left the job I had for over 20 years to embark on a new position at a Chiropractic office. I’m privileged to have had the opportunity to meet a fantastic doctor and having the advantage of learning new skills along with meeting a slew of awesome people. I don’t regret any of those decisions and it’s true that God always does work for our good even when we step off the beaten path he has paved for us.

Along with all the learning, studying and stretching that job did for me in getting me out of my comfort zone it also had me in comfortable no thinking of what to wear everyday stretchy pants!!

Don’t get me wrong it was a nice change of pace of not having to figure out what to wear everyday and sliding into those pajama type pants day in and day out BUTT ( hee hee) it was not a win win situation for my figure!!

Yes I’m 43 and I think I will always be conscious of what I look like and how I feel in my clothes but I’m not the one to go about changing myself in unhealthy ways or torturing myself to get there!! Those days are gone and let’s face it those quick miracle working programs and products do not produce lasting results and it’s just plain exhausting!

So…. This February I signed up for a 21 day fitness challenge 21 day fix and with most any fitness challenges they will always ask you to take your before pics. This is where I fell apart because when I looked at those pics I was automatically aware of what the last couple of months in a stretchy pant wearing and sitting office job had led to. It was not pretty but I took the attitude of start where you are and go from there and was happy with my 21 days of hard work! I lost about 9 pounds and liked the results.


I was starting to feel like me again! Yay!

Then a month ago I got the news that my ex had remarried and although I knew it would happen it still hit me kind of hard. I was finally faced with reality of the finality of the end of our relationship. No more hoping, no more what ifs or maybes.. Done! It was time to turn the page only it isn’t as easy as most people think.

I still have my moments with it all but I’ve closed that chapter and frankly I don’t know why I have kept referring back over those pages for so long because the only thing they really served me were lessons!

Farewell and goodbye chapter #??

I also decided that although I liked what I was doing at the Chiro office it was not what I loved. After much praying and yes stressing out over it I made my way back to the world of my beloved little consignment boutique.repeat boutique

It’s where I belong and I’m finally feeling the pieces of life are falling into place.

What about those stretchy pants? Well they are folded up in a drawer and I’m back on track. I’m down about 5 more pounds and have about 5 more or so to go before I’m back at my fighting weight.

I’m not exactly doing everything by a certain formula or regimen but concentrating on healthy eating and exercise…. Funny how that works huh?







We really make it so much harder then it really is.

In the end I’m just happy to say along with my friend Frank…. That I did it my way and it’s working!



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Challenge……don’t you just love that word? The very sound of it makes you feel a little stronger. I can can get in such a rut with the things I eat that I bore myself to tears 🙂 There is such an abundance of beautiful fruits and veggies that I know are out there but because of my rut I give them the cold shoulder. In return my body starts telling me in subtle and not so subtle ways that it lacks certain nutrients and vitamins. For the past week I have been battling this awful cold thing and have felt so tired and lethargic. I have had to put my half marathon training plans on hold because I’m trying to allow my body to heal. I feel like I’m finally turning the corner and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel 😀

During my resting time it has giving me the time to reflect upon what I have been putting into my body. Sure I focus on eating a vegetarian/vegan diet but what I realize is that in my attempt to veganize a lot of my holiday goodies that I have done this overload on sugar. I have become this mad chef turning my holiday cookies and cakes into the vegan variety. I have had quite a bit of success because you know that you have to taste test things 😀 My belief is that no food is the enemy but it’s how we eat these foods that become the enemy. Moderation is always the key. As much baking as I do around the holidays I am challenging myself to cut back on the baked goods for 14 days as kind of a cleanse.

I don’t like being sick and this is the sickest I have been in a long while 😦 I start today with paying closer attention to what I’m putting in my body. I will focus on eating more of a variety of fruits and veggies. I want to share this with for the next 14 days to keep me accountable. I feel like my body so needs this right now.I can’t wait to get back to my training and just to get back on track.

Do you ever get into eating ruts? Do you find it difficult sometimes to take rest days when you are not feeling your best? I know that ever since I started running that it’s sometimes difficult to take needed rest days because I love it so much.I am always curious how other people deal with these issues.

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