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I have been eating a vegan diet now for about 6 months and I have to say I have not missed eating meat that much at all. I do have to be honest and confess that there have been times when I have been in the presence of my mothers fried chicken that I want to cave but I don’t 🙂  I think the biggest thing for me  to give up has been cheese. I miss its creamy texture when melted and added to pasta or to have it grilled into a sandwich. Trying to substitute that has been difficult 😦 I know there are cheese alternatives out there but in my research you have to read labels carefully because not all non dairy cheese is vegan. They can be tricky with the ingredients so I do my investigating and I’m always plotting and thinking about what I can use to create the perfect cheesy sauce.

As I was sitting at my desk at work today I had a brainstorm from out of no where 💡 I came home and started scurrying around my kitchen to gather my ingredients. I felt like a mad scientist going from the fridge to the pantry and grabbing my spices 😆 Those hamsters were really spinning that wheel up there in my head.

Thus I introduce to you …….







Roasted Red Pepper & Walnut Alfredo Sauce

1 Roasted red bell pepper * See note at bottom of recipe

3/4 cup toasted walnuts

1 1/2 cup almond milk

1/3 cup nutritional yeast

1 Tbsp garlic powder

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper or more if you like a lot of spice

Warm Almond milk and add yeast and spices while peppers are roasting. Place all ingredients into a blender or processor and blend.

Once blended place into sauce pan and add in 1 Tbsp flour mixed with 1 Tbsp water to thicken sauce. Heat until thickened a bit and serve over your favorite pasta 🙂

* To roast pepper cut in half, remove seeds and ly in a broiler pan or cast iron skillet. Rub with olive oil and broil until outer skin is blackened. When done remove blackened skin.

I have to say not too many of my brainstorms turn out to be great the first time around but this was very delicious. It was warm and toasty and hit the spot for a cheesy sauce craving 😉 It’s not even got out of the 30 degree temps here today but this sauce warmed me all the way down to my toes 😳

 I served my sauce over whole wheat angel hair pasta with brocoli florets. Yum Yum Yum!

Happy Hump Day Everybody 😀


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When you hear that song  it makes  you want to be spending a lovely romantic night in Paris sharing a big pizza pie huh?

Well since I am not in Paris I will settle for home sweet home. My husband and I have started a cute little tradition in our home on Saturdays. We call it Pizza Saturday 🙂 Even though I eat a vegan diet and he is pretty much a carnivore we separately create our own individual pizzas on Saturdays. He is usually keeping up on all his football teams and I am usually kicking around in the kitchen or taking a cat nap. Even so it’s a fun little thing we have started on Saturdays.

I got cranking this morning with the preparations for my pizza today because when it comes time to eat I’m always READY 😀 I sautéed yellow squash, broccoli, onions, green peppers and I then chopped up quite a few black olives ( I love black olives ).To top it off I shredded some vegan cheese.

 My newest creation to add to my pizza came when I cut open my first young coconut.

I have purchased them before but I always would let them go to ruin before I ever got around to using them 😦 I bought a mature coconut last week and tried my hand at hacking it open to no avail.

Let me tell you I had coconut shrapnel all over me and my kitchen 😆 I am still finding pieces of that little sucker everywhere! I educated myself this time around by watching some helpful hints on you tube and I’m proud to say I won 🙂 The beautiful coconut juice flowed and I was able to scoop out all the meat  inside. I chopped it up into little bits and made a marinade of  Braggs Liquid Amino , smoked paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper,and maple syrup. I let it sit an soak up those juices for about 4 hours then when it came time to assemble my pizza I drained it and sautéed it until crispy. After I created my beautiful vegan pizza I spread those delightful little coconut “bacon” bits on top and it was so delicious. My belly was happy 😀

Our home smelled of a fine italian restaurant and we snuggled up on the couch to watch t.v and enjoy our pizza creations. It was a great Pizza Saturday 😀

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